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Mental Health Virtual Assistants

 Get the assistance you need by bringing in an experienced virtual support specialist. Ensure that the day-to-day needs of your parctice are met, and every detail covered, leaving you time to focus on direct work with clients.

       We offer years of experience providing administrative support to psychiatric and counseling practices throughout the Bay Area. With my unique blend of professional experience within the mental health field and an extensive background providing virtual assistance to psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and therapists, I have an inherent understanding of the needs of running a mental health practice. I will work with you and personally train your VIrtual Assistant to tailor their skills to your specific needs and practice identity.

      Our Mental Health VIrtual Assistants come to us with education and/or work experience in mental health related fields. Our Billing extended collaboration agency comes to us with training and professional experience in medical and mental health billing. All our assistants are based the Bay Area and throughout the United States. We then build upon that foundation by providing training in best HIPPA practices for mental health. We will train your Virtual Assistant in areas specific to your practice, such as the systems you are using, the tasks you are requesting, and how to best represent you in a manner that reflects the persona of your practice. We provide VA spotlights in upcoming videos on our website. Coming Soon!

      We start out by discussing what areas you are seeking support in. We listen to the details and vision of your practice, and when needed, help you brainstorm how best to use a VA for both your needs and your budget. We will then connect you with the Mental Health Virtual Assistant best suited for your needs and style.

     " My expertise in providing a good match in staffing to several practices both in private practice, hospital setting and other facilities has been successful.  The last few years, I've reached a max capacity load of clients that  I could personally assist so I began hiring Virtual Assistants with backgrounds in mental health, and other specialties, matching them to clients, and training the assistants to tailor their skills and expertise to the style and work of each client's practice. As a former Stanford Pediatric nurse, I have chosen to apply my education, skills and experience in administrative management  to supporting mental health practitioners and organizations in management of their practices. I am highly effective in my work and find it personally and professionally rewarding, allowing me to create a positive work-life balance. I'd love to put my skills to work to help you achieve that work-life balance as well"


Your Mental Health VIrtual Assistant's support will be tailored to your specific needs and may include:

 -Client Communication
 -Returning client calls promptly with a high degree of professionalism and sensitivity
-Handling intake calls
-Screening new clients
-Coordinating new clients intake forms
-Updating client electronic health records

Administrative Support

-Scheduling and management of practitioner calendar
-Managing emails and voicemails
-Proofreading and editing
-Ordering supplies if applicable
-Generating superbills for clients to submit to their insurance ( if you are not using our billing collaborating company)
-Benefits and Eligibility Verification

Our mental health virtual assistants can manage intake calls/emails, intake forms, and all administrative tasks including social media posts.

Retainer fees for these services will cover a set number of hour of work per month with your dedicated assistant. The work will be tailored to your specific needs and may include routine monthly tasks and/or newly assigned tasks. All packages with amount of hours are customizable.

20 more than 40 hours per month available to customize for your practice.

We offer customized packages to fit your budget and needs and can work with over a variety of set hours per month requests.

Retainer fees are designed to reserve a specific number of hours in your assistant's schedule each month. This ensures that your assistant will have the necessary time available for your practice on a regular basis. A monthly retainer fee will be charged on the first start date, and then on the first day of each subsequent month. The retainer fee will reserve up to a specific number of hours each month, without rollover hours.

Our current collaborative company for Mental Health Billing is: House Medical Billing Service. Pricing and review is available at House Medical Billing Services LLC


Upon signing of a contract with us, we will provide you with a signed W-9 with our tax ID# so that you may issue us a 1099 at the end of the year in order to deduct all fees paid from your annual income for tax purposes.